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Education Planning

We are specialized in educational services for International students. We assist international students with placement into Canadian schools and universities. Our goal is to provide a range of Canadian educational programming that can meet any request:

  • Educational consultation
  • Apply for Admission
  • Credential assessment/Equivalent
  • Apply for fund/Scholarship
  • Apply for housing accommodations
  • Apply for student health insurance
  • Help to get study and work permits
  • Travel arrangement consultation
  • Airport transfer
  • Help for registration
  • Help to open bank accounts
  • Help to get a driving licence 

Study Pathway

Our Experts can advise students to find the best study pathway which is tailored to help them achieve their ultimate career goals.

 The study plan that students will follow—as it relates to the institution(s) and degree(s), diploma(s), and certificate(s) they will use to gain the credentials and experience required for their desired career.

We advise students on which study pathways are available to them and what these pathways will result in when it comes to an ultimate degree or other credentials.

Expert Consulting

The advantages of choosing Canada Education Services' assistance for your school, college or university search, application and placement are many:

  1. Choice of carefully selected, competitive and fully accredited colleges, universities and schools with excellent academics
  2. Support choosing among a variety of locations, range of prices and other advantages
  3. One application for up to 3 choices
  4. Fast response within one to three weeks about student's admission status, upon completion of students' file
  5. Housing and Homestays services
  6. ESL as necessary to ensure successful transition to rigorous academic study
  7. Airport transfer to ensure students arrive safely at their destinations
  8. Comprehensive support from initial inquiry to enrollment and beyond
  9. 24-hour Emergency Service available to students
  10. Expert professional counselors and staff in Canada
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